A Watch like this...


    Im looking for a watch like this for my daughter, the thing is though i dont really want to spend £135 just for a watch!…tml

    Does anyone know where i can get a similar watch from but cheaper, it has to be big and 'bling'. Do you reckon it will be a good prsent for her? It can be any make doesnt even matter if it hasnt got one.

    thanks - i will give you rep for you recommendations :-)



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    There was a dnky watch posted on here i think yesterday. £25.00

    Have you looked at the Morgan watches???? they used to do the big bling type watches for quite cheap

    Tesco vouchers @ Goldsmiths?

    I got £200 changed up and got a pimpass watch...

    social lurker;3382920 at £40 too

    ooh this one's nice

    social lurker;3382949

    Or these 2 from … Or these 2 from Amazon:

    Don't bring Fossil to a Guess watch thread...

    that's like bringing a spoon to a knife fight!


    "It can be any make, it doesnt even matter if it hasnt got one".

    Just posting random cheap bling type watches. Fossil watches arent that bad - at one point they were in talks to make the Guess watches instead of Timex

    Yeah, would definitely recommend Amazon, I got a similar looking one from there a couple of months ago reduced from £150 to £50 by DKNY, can't find it on their now but they've got loads of watches of different makes on there with up to 70% off so worth a look.

    its always nice when the o p gets back on to check results and to thank people for their time :x

    £14.99:w00t: This is a obvious copy:whistling:
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