A week to remember

    Last Saturday evening my 12 year old daughter said she had double vision and took herself to bed. This continued through Sunday.

    We got her to the doctors Monday morning and they could find nothing wrong and said we should get her eyes checked at the opticians. He noticed inflammation of the optic nerve but no reason for it and said we should go to A&E and see a children's doctor. Apart from her vision there was nothing wrong with her so we came home but had to come to the eye dept next day.

    Here we had five hours of tests and then passed onto the children's assessment unit. More checks, then a CT scan theN a MIR scan.

    A tumour was found. Tuesday evening we went to Southampton General Hospital. She had more scans the following day and was due for surgery on Thursday. This took place on Friday and the surgeon Owen Sparrow removed all of the tumour over a period of 6 hours.

    She has bubbles of air in her brain that she can sense and 2 small bones are rubbing together that make her feel sick but she has moaned only a couple times.

    We have been told she can come home on Tuesday. She has total memory recall up to the op and intermittent memory post op although this should return quite soon.

    The tumour was found on Tuesday and removed on Friday thank you NHS.


    hope shes OK, get well soon x


    oh bless, best wishes for a full, speedy recovery for her xx

    damn you were lucky, good job you persued it

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    Wow, best wishes and speedy recovery to her, take care x

    I was reading that and my heart was beating real fast! Im sure she'll make a speedy recovery soon x

    Crikey.. Glad all signs are good now though..

    Hope she gets better soon... Lots of chocolate ice cream and presents off mum and dad for a while :thumbsup:


    Hope she makes a full recovery soon :thumbsup:

    I hope she gets well soon .


    That is one tough week, hope your Daughter makes a speedy recovery. X

    awwww bless her, hope shes ok and gets to go home very soon what a brave little girl!

    sending you best wishes must of been scary for you all hope she has a very speedy recovery

    OMG how awful - my friend had a tumor found by an optician too!
    Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery!

    best wishes for you all and hoping she makes a speedy and full recovery. xx

    Thank goodness for the optician.

    A very brave girl and a very strong mummy too! All our love to you both x

    Bless.... I have an 11 year old daughter who is my world. Thank goodness your girl is OK and well done to the NHS x

    Good job on persuing it, hope she gets better soon.

    awww bless her, here's to a speedy recovery

    & well done to the optician & the NHS :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thank you for all your comments. She has 3 brothers at home who i have been taking along the M27 to visit her and boys being boys have been causing mayhem in the ward!!!!

    wow what a week hope she has a speedy recovery

    Aww hun, I can't imagine how this week must have been for you. Hope she's back to her old self again soon xx

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    A very brave girl and a very strong mummy too! All our love to you both x

    I'm the daddy. Mummy has been staying at the hospital.:)

    she is sooo lucky and a good job she has observant parents
    wishing her a very speedy recovery xx

    Great ending, thumbs up to the nhs :thumbsup:

    Glad she is doing well, bet that turned your world upside down. Thank goodness it was found right away.

    OMG - thank god it was caught and dealt with immediately. Hope she has a speedy recovery, and my best wishes for all of you xxx

    What a week! You must have been to hell and back, the NHS gets a lot of complaints but when you really need it it comes through. My wee boy had suspected meningitis at 6 mths and I'll be eternally grateful to our wonderful gp who was so quick to get the penecillin in to him. I never want to experience that time again. Sounds like the optician did a wonderful job
    Will be thinking of your family, hope your daughter makes a speedy recovery

    Best of luck to you and your family, that is one horrible week to go though.


    Thank you for sharing your story, sounds very scary

    aww wow bless her, glad she was sorted quickly

    sending her lots of get well soon wishes.xx


    damn! hope she gets well soon

    Must of been very hard, I don't know how I'd cope if any of my kids had to have that kind of surgery.

    Wish her and your family very well and hope for a very quick recovery.

    heres hoping she makes a full and speedy recovery x

    Best wishes and I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery .

    All my very best wishes to your little girl-she sounds very

    That is some very good work on behalf of yourself, the NHS (you/we pay the taxes). It makes a change to hear them being praised for once, especially as my girlfriend works for the NHS as well!

    But more importantly glad your little one is ok, and I wish all of you the best in the future, it must have been one scary ride for you and your family. Just glad you and the medical staff picked up on it so fast!

    Hope she gets better soon, thinking of you all xx

    Get well soon wishes for your brave daughter & well done the optician & NHS!

    hope she gets well very soon:thumbsup:

    Wishing your daughter a very speedy recovery. Incredible work done by all concerned.
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