A1 Games ... Awful

I bought Gears fo War 2 of there website the day it came out i have not had a copy through, i was told it was posted on the 11th of Nov.

When i went to the website today i see this .

"A1 Game are off-line for Scheduled Maintenance, and to make some adjustments to our prices.

In the meantime we are still working hard in the background and are answering all emails as usual.

We will not be taking any further orders for a few days, unfortunately our prices will be increasing. We have been working on tiny profit margins and the recent dramatic change in the exchange rate means that on many of the sales over the last couple of weeks we have been operating at a net loss, most of our outgoing expenses are in US dollars and most of our incoming revenue is in UK Pounds Sterling, we had hoped that the pound would regain some of it's losses before we had to pay our creditors but things have only gotten worse.

In order to prevent serious financial difficulties we will have to increase our prices and charge postage on all FUTURE orders.

NOTE existing orders remain OK except that we have to post many items by the most economical postage, ie second class royal mail, and a handful of items will be slightly delayed.. "

Anyone else ordered stuff off here and not gotten it ..
Majorally Peeved off!!!!


Got to say, think you're being a bit of a whinger and this company doesn't deserve to be labelled as 'awful'. It's pretty amazing for a company to be honest and point out the economical pitfalls they are going through.

I'm guessing you chose A1 because they were cheaper than anyone else, so now you have to wait an extra day or two to justify that saving.


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probably lucky that they're even attempting to fulfil any orders and continue trading if their debt is in USD, whatever it is, its increased dramatically over the last few weeks due to the exchange rate changes - that'd kill off alot of companies. I'd imagine its coming 2nd class so you'll have a longer wait, but I'd be glad its coming at all.

you registered to post a rant lol

Not "Awful"

More like "going out of business". My guess is they have cash flow problems and may well go under.

Original Poster

According to another forum post with people in the same situation as me , looks like a scam website doesn't exist and the customer support email address does not work either.
You live and learn.
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