A3 Scanner and Printer

    Hi, I am after a A3 Scanner and printer for original sketches. The printouts need to be fairly good and on checking prices they seem crazy high. Its for a possible business venture but I don't really want to go above £500 - if all goes well then it may pay for itself but that is a few ifs and buts.

    I've looked into renting but that is a couple of hundred £'s a month that could be paying off the owning of a printer.

    I am also willing to look at 2nd hand as if all goes to pot then we'd have to sell assets anyway.

    Any ideas?


    Brother do a range of A3 all-in-ones within your price range that may suit you:…700

    Of course, they're not going to be up to the quality, speed and probably economony of a professional piece of kit but on a limited budget they're probably worth looking at.

    Original Poster

    thanks - rep added.

    Speed is not a problem at all, its all about quality really.
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