A4 Board Back Envelopes? I need 15 - don't want to pay high postage costs.

    Anyone know where you can get A4 Board Backed Envelopes. I need 15. Seen them on ebay but postage costs too high.

    Anyone seen them on their travels?


    try the post office,mine has some.

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    OMG! Thought ebay was a rip…tml £19.99 for 5 Envelopes!

    Could you not cut cereal boxes up etc and shove piece of card in a regular A4 envelope??

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    Its for presents, so need the proper ones really. making calanders with my lil one and then have to send to reletives.

    Have you looked in POUNDLAND for them ?, I seem to remember seeing them there before ??

    [url][/url] have pk of 10 for £4.99.

    they are expensive staples maybe or viking ?

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    whats viking? many thanks.
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