A4 Canvas for £4.49 spammed/deleted?

    There was a good looking deal up 10 minutes ago, im about to put my payment details in to buy the canvas and noticed the post about the cavnas has now mysteriously been spammed and deleted....
    The online shop is ................ .....should i be worried ? is it a dodgy website?

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    Got to this thread.

    edit - I see that thread has also gone. The OP had said that Amibees had PM'd re the vendor needing to be checked out or the some such.
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    stupid heads at work again


    chesso to this … to this thread.

    thats been spammed aswell ....

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    Those thread don't exist for me :O

    View that sites about us and customer service pages oO

    I'd avoid.

    chesso to this … to this thread.


    Those thread don't exist for me :O

    Slow editing by me!! See #2

    Original Poster

    mmm i'll hold my horses for now then lol



    stupid heads at work again

    Self promo is deemed to be spam. The OP's are usually a dead giveaway. In addition member banned for pulling the same stunt under a previous ID.

    With an outstanding negative trade here also, we'd never permit such a thread to exist.


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