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    Hi all I am looking to buy an A4 Certificat frame for my good friend who just received his accreditation. However, I don't really know what type of frames are suitable or where to get them online. I have googled some websitebut I am not sure whether they are suitable. One website is…tml under A4 Certificate Frames.

    If anyone has any experience, please advise me! Thanks!!


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    Oh and I am not too concern about the price if the quality is good. Thanks!

    What sort of finish do you want - I can get a black one with gold finish.

    I'd imagine it would depend a little on the type/standard of accreditation he's received.

    i.e. it wouldn't really be worth getting a decent frame if he has just passed his GCSEs

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    It's for accreditation with BACP - The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. So I think something nicer perhaps suited to be in office.
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