AA & AAA battery charger recommendations

Found 14th May 2018
I’m looking for a cheap, but decent charger for rechargabale AA and AAA batteries. Any recommendations would be appreciated
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You want a smart charger and any will do within reason
I have the 7dayshop smart charger. Similar to this
I got mine from amazon for only £6 and it does the job. Comes with 4 AA batteries too but you can charge both with it.
The main things to avoid are chargers that are purely time-based or have no cut off at all, and very fast chargers. Both can considerably shorten the useful life of the batteries.

There's an overview of the various charging methods here if you're interested:

'Smart' typically refers to using some method of detecting when the battery is full to stop charging, but not all smart chargers are equal.
Ikea rechargeable battery station is brilliant.
The batteries are comparable to high quality batteries like Duracell.
The cost is £25 for the charging unit which holds 12 batteries in any combination of AA/AAA.

There is a smaller one that holds less batteries for a lower cost too.

Batteries are £4 for 4 AAA or £5.50 for 4 AA, and less if you want the lower capacity batteries.
Had mine for quite a while and have no issues:

wayners14 h, 26 m ago

You want a smart charger and any will do within reasonI have the 7dayshop …You want a smart charger and any will do within reasonI have the 7dayshop smart charger. Similar to this

7dayshop.com/pro…127 Same model, with quicker UK delivery, £2 less - and that is a SUPER smart, also has test mode for reading capacity.
They do have some cheaper smart chargers which don't offer the same degree of feedback - and if you may need Li-Ion 18650 capability in future, they also have a model that does those as well!

I love my MH-C9000, even more 'cause it was a fiver in a charity shop... almost feel guilty!
Just don't get a fast charger - good suggestions above.
Wow now £15.99 for 7dayshop.com/pro…227
That one has selectable charge rates, 500mA to "cook 'em" at 2A, also does several sizes of Li-Ion and includes 2.1A USB charge... quite a jack of all trades.

The DS-SC1000 also comes down to £15.99 7dayshop.com/pro…127
And the writeup now shows the charge rates of 200, 500, 700 and 1000.

Rates to use, well, faster than 1 hour is grilling, but my c9000 suggest about 3 hours being best for reliable endpoint detection, you don't want to be going any slower than 5 hour on a smart charger, or it may have trouble detecting the endpoint
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