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    I currently have breakdown with the AA but the renewal has come through at £166. Signing up for a new policy through Quidco (provided the cashback is paid) will get me the same cover for £52.

    Usually I rotate between AA and RAC year on year, but is there anything to stop me canceling and starting a new policy through the AA. I seem to remember something about no being able to sign up again within 6 months, but can anyone confirm this?



    I would recomend that you speak to a member of the AA customer services team or alternatively read the AA membership T's&C's on their website.

    I would also have a look at the current breakdown deals via the website

    Unless things have changed the AA won't validate the Quidco transaction if you're an existing customer or have been in the last few months.

    I tried that a couple of years back and they flatly refused it.

    I do what you do now, switch from to RAC to the AA and back every couple of years
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    As stated above they dont like you rejoining BUT.
    Join in your wifes name or at your mums address then dont need home start.
    Works every year for me.

    Each year I alternate between RAC & The AA so I can get the cashback from Topcashback/Quidco as I am never an existing member, last year got The AA for £9.

    Cancel the policy first and then sign up via quidco the day you want the cover to start so the old one will already have expired and it should be fine, I've done it for at least 3 years and every quidco has tracked.

    Remember the Quidco is never a guarentee but at least your saving money on the renewal.

    If you speak to AA Customer services they will say you can't even join as a new customer if you've had cover in the last 3 months which is a load of rubbish.
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