Found 19th Jun 2007
What is the best source of batteries, i want good quality branded batteries like Duracell M3 or Panasonic, need a site i can trust so that if i order the m3's for example I actually get m3's - not fakes that don't last.

Oh and cheap would be good :-)


tesco are doing 18 energiser for £5 just now

Poundland sell good quality batteries, like duracell, panasonic, energiser etc (they also sell pants ones too - about a million for £1) if youve got one in your area, try there

brought 16 Energiser batts for £4 in Asda at the weekend. Had 2 huge stands with them on.

You're much better with rechargable batteries. A good set of Duracell 2800maH nMh batteries will serve you well.…ies

At £5 for 4 they are obviously more expensive in the long run initially, but buy a couple of packs and keep in using them and they will pay back over time.

It's also much, much more environmentally friendly to use these.

And don't believe the hype that battery manufacturers tell you about capacities as rechargables are way better than regular alkalines, especially in high-load situations:…tml

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Thanks for al the pointers, I got them from a place called 7 day shop in the end.

Thanks :thumbsup:
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