Posted 21st Jul 2020
My car recently broke down and I had AA roadside cover only so called them to come take a look. The vehicle is a Corsa D 2010. The issue was an ignition coil that was faulty.

The problem was firstly, the driver changed all 4 ignition coils (part of a module containing all 4 coils), so I'm wondering why there isn't a way of changing just the faulty coil? This would save people a lot of money when it came to repairing as they wouldn't have to spend money on the entire thing.

Secondly, the AA patrol gave me a price of £195 for the ignition coil set. I was shocked at that price so started phoning people up for alternative solutions. My cousin told me over the phone that the ignition coils costs around the £60 mark if bought online. I told the patrol the same thing and he responded "you won't get the same quality as Delphi" which is the one he fitted on. I then looked for the Delphi coils which were around £68.

I had very little option in the end but to take the ignition coils from him and pay the silly price.

My point here is, why is the AA charging customers so much from the retail value of parts? I can understand labour is usually free with the AA but it was not necessary charging me almost triple the price of retail!?

I just wish I had relay and ask the patrol to tow me to the nearest EuroCarParts!
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