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Found 16th Feb 2010
I took out AA cover last year after seeing the offer on here.

Anyway I decided to cancel my account with them so I rang up a week before the renewel date and spoke to one of their staff. After their attempts to try and keep me as a customer I told them I couldnt afford the service any more and needed to cancel. The person on the end of the phone assured me that the account was cancelled.

A week later they took another years subscription out of my bank account.

I phone them up again and they advised me that they had records of my last call but not that I had cancelled my account. The person on the end of the phone said she would put a refund through and cancel my account for me.

A week and a half after that I still had no refund so I rang them up again. The person on the phone then advised me that he put the refund through while I was on the phone.

The next day they call me to inform me that as a valued customer I could upgrade my AA service to the next package up for a special offer price. I told them I had cancelled my account and was awaiting a refund.

4 days later (yesterday) I still have no refund so I phone up again demanding to speak to a supervisor. Person on the end of the phone said that the superviser was busy and she took my phone number and said she would get the superviser to call me when they become available.

Suprise Suprise the superviser never called back....

Help please... Im not sure what I can do now I feel like they have me over a barrel.

In my eyes they have stolen my money and are refusing to give it back....

Can anyone suggest my rights or what do do about this?
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call your bank and claim against the direct debit guarantee via a chargeback

ALWAYS cancel your DD when cancelling any contract. Saves hassle like this.
Have you tried calling your bank saying it was taken without your permission. Not sure how helpfull they will be but its worth a shot.
Always ask for a cancelation number/reference.
What the others have said ...... and next time you ring ask for an address for complaints and ask for the persons name in full...

make sure you have recorded all calls, dates and times and what you was told each time...
Call this number and ask to make a formal complaint, it will get sorted for you quickly ;): 0845 607 6727
thanks everyone I will give your suggestions a shot

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Wow hope I don't have this problem with RAC later this year, what a pain!
As companies like this record calls "for quality etc" it is imperative to note date and time of calling and person you spoke to. That way in case of a dispute they can check the recording and it gives more weight to your corner if you can quote dates and names. I had a 5 month battle with AA insurance last year to get a refund. They are a nightmare to deal with but if you have a persons name and extension and you keep pestering that person it's surprising how quickly they move!

Wow hope I don't have this problem with RAC later this year, what a pain!

just cancel your dd now then

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