A.A. Gill Final Article

    I'd been looking for this over the weekend, couldn't find a non-paywall version until today, thought I'd share if anyone else was interested...…05b


    Quite a sobering read

    A fantastic loss but that article is a real eye-opener.

    Maybe it's because in a lot of cases we don't see the reality of the NHS until it's too late. We talk about it in such reverential terms that it's stopped being a government department and become a religion.

    You can reform government departments, religions less so.

    Inciteful reading. There are other views too. My brother was diagnosed with acute leukaemia three years ago and had fantastic treatment in Coventry and Norfolk and Norwich hospitals. After months of grueling treatment he is in full remission. His only gripe was they don't serve toast at breakfast. So from our POV the NHS is fantastic.

    ty for putting that up,i have never read any of his articles before, but having read this one he was a genius with words,,, r.i.p

    Take note.....

    One in two of you will get cancer.

    Almost all of you do not want to pay more taxes.

    None of you will stand up and support ring fencing the NHS from politicians policy and put it on a minimum increasing expenditure which future goverments can increase, but never reduce from set % increase. Think 3% + inflation.

    Your all going to die, how many will suffer as result of underfunding in the NHS, maybe on a trolley at A and E, maybe as result of waiting for tests.

    How many will spend your last days tied to a chair in care home b/c you wont fight for better and wont open your wallets to have more!
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