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    My AA covers comes up for renewal at the end of March. I recently informed them that i would be canceling and have received confirmation.

    A couple of queries:
    Can i sign up again, as a new customer, perhaps in the wifes name and benefit from Quidco and offers they have?
    If so the following offer looks good:
    Roadside assistance, Help in an accident, At home,National recovery

    Cover for 2 people @ £131 and a possible £50 quidco.

    Beats the £300+ they automatically charged us last year. (Been a customer with the AA since 1998)

    The alternative is RAC, similar cover:
    Cover for me and 1 other
    Free at home
    £108 - no cashback

    Any recommendations on RAC v's AA?

    Many thanks in advance?


    i was in same situation4 weeks ago and switched to RAC used quidco and got home start free online deal i think my deal covers the person because our car is too old but we got breakdown recovery and home for £78 roughly i cant remember the exact and £25 quidco we wanted away from AA cos we waited 4 hours this year for a breakdown truck to come with 3 screaming kids in the car as well:(
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    I've used both and they are equally good with respect to times and effectiveness, I now just go for the one which is cheapest through quidco.I think my last one was £93 with roadside recovery and onward with £40 quidco= £53 ) joint cover, through AA and they paid within 3 months.
    Do you really need all the extra cover?

    go with first call

    get the top package and its absolutely great
    compare it to aa/rac top packaga and yo usave £100+

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your replies.

    The extra cover is sufficient for my needs, i dont need Euro cover, or courtesy cars.

    If Rac and AA are similar, i'll probably switch to the RAC for this year at least, seems cheaper even without cashback.

    have you called the AA?
    we had cover with them last year, on a new policy/cashback deal - they put the price up this year and said it was because we had better cover, i didn't want the extra cover and when i said i'd cancel the policy they dropped the price by about £50, it's well worth giving them a bell.

    but in short you can sign up again in your wife's name - we did that 2 years ago without any probs xx

    if you have tesco points you can get joint cover for about £40 worth of points - might be worth a look. Didn't the AA offer you a deal to try & keep you, that's what they usually do?

    Original Poster

    Just called AA up again, they suggested i sign up as a new customer once it cancels. Total price £130 plus a possible £50 quidco. Thanks all :-)

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