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Found 23rd Jan 2007
Anyone recently buy breakdown cover from the AA using quidco? I did so this morning, but by the afternoon the AA tracking was declined...what the hell?! Thats 25 quid off my 31 quid breakdown premium...

anyone suffer the same??
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nope, couple of weeks ago went through fine. did you use any other promotional code or anything? some merchants decline if so
Incorrectly Declined Transactions

Declined transactions are very difficult to pin down. There are many reasons a merchant may deny a transaction. A general rule of thumb is to ask if the initial transaction has been changed in any way, or if any of the details submitted with your sale could not be verified (address, phone, payment etc).

The following types of reasons can be given for denied transactions: the transaction (1) had returned products (2) failed a credit check (3) failed payment (4) was cancelled by the merchant (5) failed to pass the merchant's fraud check (6) was not a genuine transaction. (7) Was awarded to a competing cookie from another website.

Also transactions can be declined if the transaction has been attributed to a different marketing channel. If you have used a special link or voucher code the commission may be attributed to another merchant. Also, please ensure you clear cookies before using Quidco to ensure transactions are not attributed to a different internet site. Competing cookies can lead to a transaction being declined.

Finally, if you are enquiring about gaming transactions please understand that these experience high rates of declined transactions. If you are a member of "sister" site, if you fail to play through your deposit, if you fail to deposit enough money, you may have your cashback declined. Each merchant has special terms that they evaluate your account with and most of these terms are not made known to us.

Enquiries on commission amounts of under £1 will not be sent to the merchant but we still appreciate submissions as they assist us in keeping a record of how well a merchant's transactions track.

We only accept enquiries regarding transactions made in the last three months.

Quidco cashback is only a possibility, not a guarantee. We pass all of the money we receive for your account on to you (less the yearly admin fee). It is not our obligation to pay any outstanding amounts that, for whatever reason, we do not receive from the merchant. ][COLOR=#537286][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#537286]http://www.quidco.com/images/help_pointer.gif[/COLOR]][COLOR=#537286]Submit an earnings enquiry[/COLOR]
Anyone get AA breakdown cover and have their quidco declined almost immediately (the same day) as ordering the cover?? I bought the option 1 cover for 31 quid and went through quidco to get 25 quid back. By the afternoon the quidco was tracked and declined...what the hell???
Mine has tracked fine so far...

09 Jan 2007 - AA UK Breakdown - 31.80 - 25.00 tracked ~ Mar 2007

Payment has been taken too
birdyboy - so your quidco NEVER had declined on it? I know ebuyer for some reason tracks ALL quidco purchases as declined for a week or so then changes it to tracked...
Nope, never had a declined with AA, and that was since 9th Jan!
* Merged this into your original thread...*
I used the promotionl code from this thread:

to get more nectar points...seems others havent complained about my problem though?
Nick, give it a few days, im sure it will start tracking...

I used Nectar code too
Cheers Birdyboy - will chill for a few days and see what happens. Will cancel and try again otherwise.
I purchased the £34.88 cover at 9am yesterday morning, its still showing as just tracked, so no problems this end, as after seeing this thread i was a bit panicky about getting declined!

So my cover is £9.88 for a year if all goes well, happy days
I just noticed that they declined mine too. Well, that's the best way to lose custom. I certainly won't renew with the AA again.
This thread is over three and a half years old!!!!

I just noticed that they declined mine too. Well, that's the best way to … I just noticed that they declined mine too. Well, that's the best way to lose custom. I certainly won't renew with the AA again.

no. dont do it.... three years is a long wait
Had mine declined TWICE! Quidco have said it was due to a competing cookie and so somebody else got the cashback! Surely you are allowed to shop around for the best deal? Won't be renewing with the AA!
Mine tracked ok in March, went straight to tracked, but now in May it has been declined. I have raised a ticket to see why. I went straight to Quidco and cleared cookies so should not be declined.
I got the same treatment today,they do this too often
Man, I wish I'd read this thread before parting with my hard earned cash signing up to the AA and expecting £50 back via quidco. Duped.
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