AA/AAA Charger and Batteries, high-capacity.

Found 4th May 2008
Anybody know of any good battery and charger deals around at the moment? I would like a 4 AA and 4 AAA all-in-one charger and battery set. Would be nice to see a high capacity (ideal for cameras etc) if possible.
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This one is one of the best for starting with - as its quite a fast charger and you can use it in the car too. However you need to get some AA batteries too, as it only comes with AAAs but charges both.

It is also a smart charger - which will stop charging when the batteries reach capacity rather that start frying them.

There was a good one listed from the 7 day shop too - that works as 8 individual chargers combined so each battery is treated as it should.


If you really want to make your batteries last - you can but a charger like the BC-700 or BC-900 that are badged under a few names (but there are also totally different battery chargers with this name too - make sure the one you find charges AA/AAA and has a display) - as it lets you charge with entire control for each battery - and shows you the mAh rating of each battery - so you can let them charge as slowly as you want - and can group batteries with matching capacities for use with each other.
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