Just connected my Ipod to my laptop to add some new tunes and a pop up appeared saying something about the files on it being corrupted and now all the music has been wiped off it - real pain in the a***!!!

    Has never happened before and havnt a clue what could have caused it.

    Its now unable to sync as its saying the file or directory is corrupted

    Any ideas how to fix it?


    Sorry to interupt your thread, but I need some advise bout itunes too

    I have my ipod connected to my old desktop which gave up the fight.
    How do I sync it to my new laptop without loosing any music. ( I have 60GB of music on the ipod, hense the reason I dont want to start all over again)


    Ipods are not designed to be used for transferring music so you have to copy your library from your old laptop to your new laptop and then sync again. A program called ]Copypod should allow you to use your i-Pod to transfer the music across. But be warned it may mess with file names.

    To answer the original poster have a look at this site for advice on resetting your I-Pod ]click here.
    Alternatively have a look at the Apple Support ]click here.
    This] link on Apple Support may cover your problem.
    Also ]click here for a troubleshooting guide to i-Pods.

    ha ha ha ha ha stay away from itunes
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