Found 25th Aug 2009
Shouldnt laugh but my 2 year old just came running in from the garden utterly freaking out screaming because there was a frog in the garden.

The missus takes ten minutes to calm her down and then asks what is wrong with a frog?

Daughter explains that frogs eat dalmations and she thought it had come for domino(fully grown dalmy)

Where do they get these ideas?

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Tell her not to worry and get her to write out her Christmas list to Santa to take here mind of it. Lol


lol bless her :giggle:

Pics or it didnt happen....................................oh wait.

Bless her little heart, so innocent at that age

i have a real frog fear EEEK! they are no fun

bless her heart i cant wait till my little ones a bit older and can say funny stuff like that :lol:

i think it was chipsticks the other day said her little girl wanted the toilet somewhere and she shouted out to her can you come and wipe my bum cause im having a poo!!! :lol:
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