Aaaagh women are a damn mysterious species

Met a female friend to go out on the lash with earlier as a friend (never been more than mates with her either) and she brought a female friend with her, copped off with her mate and she turned all bitchy on us!

Cant understand them! She has a bloke so god knows what her problem is! Good night ruined, I left them to it, just got in 3 hours earlier than planned damn it, drinks missed out on! |Not bad though night out and taxi back for under 20 notes (£10 on the door and drinks inclusive), did manage to grab a greggs before jumping in the taxi too


i got in 15 mins ago, with 2 pies and a huge burger, they are gone now haha, ws a decent night

i read it kinda wrong at first... thought they'd both got it on.... lol shame .. now that woulda been good fun !!!

well i am in work so no such luck for me !!!!

know what youre sayin there big fella
just got in not long ago, danced me tits off to dubstep all night. just chattin my ex's mate up on facebook. bonus
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