AAAHHHH!! Tesco's !!!

    Hi all,
    Well a few nights ago I found a deal posted on here.. Glinch in tesco board games.. went along and got a fine bargain but surprise surprise, just had a call off tescos telling me of my refund and there were problems on their side and if id like to re order go right ahead!!
    Really annoyed, got some of the twins xmas pressies at a great price and now im not actually getting them... can they do this?


    if you paid for the items and they sent you a confirmation email then you could argue that they hvae already entered into a contract with and therefore you deserve and want your items.

    yeah too right. i wouldnt stand for that!

    yeah tesco have that ****** get out clase they did same thing to me with xbox 360 deal.

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    Iv just emailed them to complain, probably be next year before I hear back, if ever!!
    They just caught me off guard on phone I guess, was dumbfounded!!

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    Has this happened to anyone else? or just me??!!


    Has this happened to anyone else? or just me??!!

    Tesco are within their rights to do this. They rarely honour pricing errors.

    It will be happening to everyone that purchased the games.

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    Cheers Gary, was starting to think it was just me... unlucky sod I am!!!

    4. Payment and acceptance

    If you buy an item from the Tesco Direct Catalogue on the phone, in-store or online you will be charged for an item at the time you place your order. After this time, you cannot amend your order (but please see our cancellation policy in section 6 below).

    Your order is an offer to buy from us. Nothing that we do or say will amount to any acceptance of that offer until we actually despatch an item to you, at which point a contract will be made between us. At any point up until then we may decline to supply an item to you. If we decline to supply an item to you and you have already paid for it, we will give you a full refund of any amount already paid for that item in accordance with our refund policy in section 7 below.


    Tesco are within their rights to do this. They rarely honour pricing … Tesco are within their rights to do this. They rarely honour pricing errors.It will be happening to everyone that purchased the games.

    Not true. I ordered six games and received all six. Got them all for buy one get one free.

    If you look at the thread (…000) you will see that pretty much everyone received theirs too!

    OP must have just been unlucky.

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    ahhhhh...big sigh!! why me.?! They have not emailed me back so I guess I just gotta leave this one go!!

    I was lucky and escaped with the offer,however they did mess up the order,I was missing 2 items but I will probably just take a refund once they investigated,and 1 of the games,they sent me shower curtain hoop thingys,been sorted out for refund replacment and return.

    I have had three phone calls from Tescos now... the first one telling me that they were inundated so my order was going to be 24 hours late (I was expecting any minute the bloke to tell me they were cancelling), then the next day I got a call saying their systems had screwed up and one of the games MIGHT be missing, but that they thought it might not be, but they were just warning me and that they would be delayed another day, finally yesterday I got a call saying my order was ready to pick up... each time I have thought they were going to cancel.

    I will find out tomorrow when I go to get 'em whether they are all there.

    Did you 'over' order - I only ordered 4 games, but I am guessing that some people went mad like in the Hamleys thing last xmas and maybe then Tesco decided to cancel them?


    Internet retailers have special laws with which they can negotiate out of offers and acceptance laws. Previous cases have happened like Argos made a mistake listing a tv for 99p.

    You'll find it very hard to get it at the price if they have noticed it and not despatched it

    Lesson learned for future purchases, never count a misprice as yours until it's in your hand. You have to accept that you were trying to take advantage of an error they made, you have to be in it to win it but sometimes it works out and others it doesn't, no point getting irate over it when it doesn't.

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    I wasnt actually getting irate, just wish I had got them!! Ordered 4 games and a sim. Still, dont mind paying or getting 3 for 2 but just woulda been nice to get the same good luck as everyone else.!

    That was a 'general' observation, rather than aimed at you

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    sorry, early morn posts are bad for me!!!
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