Aaargghhhhh holiday help please.....Corfu or Fuerteventura??

Found 20th May 2014
Hi all, need help deciding on where to go next week on holiday. I've left it late as was hoping for some amaaaaazing last minute deal lol but no such luck
Anyway, am still thinking of going but not sure whether to do Corfu or Fuerteventura...weather wise what's likely to be the best?
We're not likely to leave hotel much so that's not an issue, just want pool weather. Will these be hot end of May does any1 know? Are there any down points to either of these places?
All help appreciated, many thanks in advance xx
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Perhaps you could check the weather?
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Corfu or Fuerteventura??

yep.. one of those

Perhaps you could check the weather?

I'm not stupid....just wanted opinions from people who've been to either of these places. I don't know if you've noticed but the temperature tends to change on every weather site on the internet.
Sorry if that was too much to ask..... but being the fact I've been using this site for around 6 years now, I kinda know MOST people are pretty helpful
P.S. oh thankyou for the helpful link

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what's wrong with Clacton? out of those 2...Fuerte

Clacton's just beautiful this time of year....I'm sure, but there's only so much excitement one girl can take so think I'm gonna have to leave it this time


Corfu or Fuerteventura??yep.. one of those

Oh look... I was right lol

Thanks guys.... looks like Fuert is getting the thumbs up then
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Been to both but prefer Fuerteventura. There is a constant breeze there but its not a problem and can be helpful when it gets hot. We've stayed in Caleta de Fuste and Costa Calma. Both were nice. Never been to Corralejo though.
I have been to both and if you like it breezy, white sand dunes and water sports then go to fuert... I went to Corralejo.
Ah I'm a little worried by the breezy bit now....this time of year might b a little too cool do u think?
i have been to canaries in feb and it was very breezy but still lovely and hot and got a good sun tan
I was in fuerteventura in feb it was plenty warm for us and im nesh lol. the breeze was nice the weather is always pot luck wherever you go im afraid. we once went to Tenerife for a fortnight and had about 10 days of rain
may and june is very windy on the windy island

world boarding championship is held at this time of year
At this time of year Corfu is a safer bet for HOT weather, but you have a fair/good chance of occasional heavy thunderstorms each day which may last for an hour. FUE has its constant NE strong breeze, but more stable temperatures. If you choose here make sure you have a resort further to the south of the island.

Thank u all for all ur help....hopefully I will make a decision soon lol
Corfu booked woop woop...thanks again for all ur help xx

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