AAARRRGGGHHHH !!!! (Freeview box problems)

    well i few weeeks back there was the retune for itv 4 and Dave va ju
    I retuned and continued watching tv. Only now have i realised that Dave ja vu and itv 4 are not 'working' i just get the retune freeview box message.
    I have done this bout 8 times now. I reset the box to factory settings and still when i tune the box i get this message not the channel.
    Any ideas on what to do?
    Oh and all other tvs working so not ariel or anything like that
    oh and its a humax (don't know model number was given it 2nd hand and can't find it on actually unit.)

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    I have the same problem, this is what I have found out.

    Since the analogue channels in my area (Bristol) were turned off they have changed the frequencies.
    In the digital world the channels are grouped into various multiplexes (or mux).
    Mux D contains ITV4 among others, in my area the frequency is a lot higher than on the other channels.

    Now apparently the old aerials weren't designed to receive signals at that frequency, i bought a small aerial from maplins which now does the job. Long term we will need to change the aerial on the roof, but for now we're ok.

    If you want to find out which frequency you are looking for try use the postcode checker, and select the "i am in the aerial installation trade" box
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