AAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH ..................

    is anyone else getting playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance

    been saying that since 4pm fs

    need my mw fix lol



    get an xbox ... top tip from Dc:thumbsup:

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    get an xbox ... top tip from Dc:thumbsup:

    lol and subscribe to play online nah, but i do see th epoint of paying tho:thumbsup:

    so annoying got in at 4pm psn said that fair enough, but to still say it is , is a bit annoying :x


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    just found this ffs

    PSN Maintenance

    Evening all,
    Just a quick heads up to let you know that the ][COLOR=#0398d5]PlayStation Network[/COLOR] will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th of August. As a result you will be unable to sign in to the PSN between 4:15pm and 9:05pm UK time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience – the maintenance is global, so the timing is not something we have control of.
    If you’re already signed in before the maintenance begins, however, you should be able to stay connected to the PSN servers. It is likely that you’ll be disconnected and required to sign back in once the PSN comes back up at 9:05pm, though.

    funny i can get on my japan account and usa account, so no thats a lie saying its global

    So no Battlefield 1943 early evening then?
    The update or whatever better be worth the wait.

    yeah same here , 1st time ive seen this , maye firmware 3.0 update ?

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    yeah same here , 1st time ive seen this , maye firmware 3.0 update ?

    hmm maybe but the update isnt till next week :thinking:

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    tis working now
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