AA/Rac VS Auto Aid

Found 17th Apr 2009
Hi unsure which one to go with so could do with some opinions.
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Compare like for like cover, then check the price of each.
Consider if you are happy to pay first and claim later.

My choice for many years has been Autoaid.
Never had to use any of them but Green flag is cheapest for me with quidco at the moment.
I have had 10 cars in 20 years driving and RAC have always looked after me.

I have owned BMW's, old minis, metros, renault 11 and currently a Seat Cordoba Coupe and they have always been able to help and get me going again.
Hi thanks for the replies every one. After doing a bit more reading I think im going to go with Auto Aid. All though I can get AA/Rac cover for cheaper through quidco Auto Aid seem to be rated a lot higher.
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