aarrrrgggghhhh!!!! Could somebody please help with my ipod?

    Everytime I sync my ipod touch with my computer it lasts about 1 minute then I get a message saying "The ipod can not be synced. The device timed out." It only syncs about 5 songs and I have to disconnect the ipod and do it again, its really annoying. I've tried all 4 of the usb ports on my laptop but it still happens. Anybody know how I can fix it? Restoring it doesn't help.
    Also I'm using version 1.1.5 but it says I can upgrade to software version 2.2.1, when I try to do this it says that I need to purchase it. (I've got the old style ipod touch) So does this mean I have to pay to update itunes? My dads itunes gets updated quite often and he never gets asked to purchase it.

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    Oh dear, not good ... I had similar issues, is very frustrating.

    Unfortunately Apple are one of those companies that charge for some software updates. I got my Touch and also was peeved at having to lash out almost £7 just to get new version of the software. There are ways around it but seemed tedious at the time, so I bit the bullet and paid up. I think they only charge for major version changes. Eg, from v1.X to v2.X ... the minor versions don't get charged for. In summer they will be releasing v3 which we'll have to pay for also if we want the extra features.

    I think an update might sort your sync issues out as mine seems to be fine at the moment.

    Good luck!!
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