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    Looking to by an ab toner the electronic ones , but i don't know where to look, what works/ dont's etc/

    Any advice on what to get and how much to spend thanks...


    They only work as part of your regime....
    It tones your abs but won't get rid if you continue the same lifestyle (presuming you want to lose weight)
    They are great for toning tums for new mums though.

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    Ok is their anything you would reccomend, i was thinking of a lifestyle change..

    are you male or female?

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    Male ...

    mate, NONE of the abs gadgets or gizmo magical things work, im taking it you are wanting a six pack stomach yeah? in which case its gonna be serious dieting and some weighted crunches, people are suprised when i say just how little i work my abs, somre people do like 200 situps a day and stuff, thats complete overkill, i do 3 sets of 10 decline weighted crunches twice a week (25kg weight) but the main thing is the dieting to get them to show thru ;), oh and i run a lot and do a pretty heavy weights routine 5 days a wek

    i use to do over 1200 situps daily never got my six pack but i was toned though i was so toned that i had a really really painful cramp in my leg every single morning i woke up, yeah i agree its the diet part which is losing the fat so that your muscles will show through your skin

    Ab toner never works, it simply uses electricity to simulate your hidden abs muscles
    Sit ups isnt the best way of getting a 6 pack either, it tones your definition if you are already fit. You need a balanced diet and if you are overweight, set your target to lose some weight first! Running is good! If you are in shape then sit up, or go to gym for more heavy weight crunches
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