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Hi all

Im in need of some help here. I moved current accounts from Yorkshire Bank to Abbey last January (07), all was great until I was told I wasnt valid for a VISA Debit card.

Let me point out that Im 24 and have never been in any debt, never had an overdraft etc. However with YBank I had a switch card, I also have had Car finance without any payment misses. I earn a good salary for my age, and never miss any payment on my current loan.

The problem is, Abbey still cant offer me a VISA Debit, instead I have to put up with using a sodding VISA Electron. They work fine most places, however online payments, over the phone payments, and other payments to places such as Theatres, Hotels etc dont work and its really starting to get difficult.

I have spoken to Abbey about 10 times about this, the first 5 times they said I had to wait a little longer to be valid, however I have now been told I need to leave more money in my account as the "Computer" thinks I will get overdrawn!!!

I now live with my GF and pay a mortgage, all bills come out of a Joint account, 65% of my money goes into this joint account to pay the bills! In this day and age (with house prices etc) its a little bit hard to "leave" more money in the account!

What options do I have here? I initially moved to Abbey for the 6% interest on money over £1k being put into the account. Do I need to move banks?

Thanks all



Sometimes new customers are offered an electron for the first year of banking until they can prove they're worthy customers, I'm not sure whether you should move banks, as bank loyalty is a big part of your credit portfolio.

Definitely go into your branch, make an appointment with the manager if necessary, explain your situation and tell them that you're considering moving elsewhere.
See what they say and base your decision on that

Original Poster

Yeah I did that the other week, went in and saw the manager through the glass front section, he said he would get back to me, still waiting, assume he wont!

Gonna give em a call tomorrow to discuss it. I havent had any other problems with Abbey at all, they seem like a good bank and offer good interest rates, its just this issue with the Debit card.

Also, when me and my GF applied for the joint account, we were offered a VISA Debit no questions asked!!!


You've got to keep pushing them hun, joint accounts, financially, are more secure as they generally have two sets of wages going into them.
I've got a feeling that some current accounts that have a higher interest rate need a minimum deposit per month, perhaps with the amount you're paying into your joint account at the moment, you're not meeting their account requirements.
They may need you to have your entire wage paid into your account, then have a standing order set up to divert 65% of your wage to the joint account.
Seems a bit stupid really, I'd try the manager again and see, all I can do is speculate sorry

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Thanks for that, thing is, I already do this! The arrangement is that you have at least £1000 put into the account each month. I do this, then 5 days later 65% is transferred to the joint account.


Sorry then hun, I can't help :-(

r u regitered with the electorate?
do an experian check as well quidco do cash back and you can see if anything has gone agaisnt you

Original Poster

Electorate? Can you elaborate?

I've never been refused credit, when I initially applied for the Debit card the only debt I had was a loan that has never missed a payment.

However, with me becoming a home owner there has obviously been many credit checks against me for obvious reasons, even BT do one when you apply for a phone line!

electorate! so you can vote etc etc

Original Poster

Ahhhh, hehe

Nope I havent registered as of yet, can this help?

Im a newbie when it comes to home stuff, we're both getting there though.

there are several credit check agencies and work differently with different standards
i do know that i had problems with nationwide
although i had a bank account with halifax for 20 odd years
was offered a credit card with hsbc straight away
and al lnationwide could offer me was the same type of card
i wasnt on the electorate and there was a gas bill which was paid yearss ago still wasnt cleared on experian

thats your problen u r not on the electorate will take about a month
phone up your council offices and ask for a form

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Hmmm, looks like Im gonna have to register for that then.

Yeah its odd how banks will offer you credit card after credit card, yet a simple Debit card causes all this stress!

I can promise you I dont have any outstanding bills I owe, the only things I had in my name (before my house, bills etc, which we only got in June this year), was the car finance and the loan I currently have.

appy to be on the electorate and all your problems will be solved
end of

it takes a while to be noticed by experian though so probably end of next month or the month after

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Thanks for the help Jasonrat, I've got the forms at home ready, I'll get my finger out and get it filled in.

Why did you leave yorkshire bank?...They give you a Maestro which is just as acceptable everywhere as much as Visa is....I would go back to them...I have never had any problems with them.

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Rubbish service and very bad interest rates.

I once needed a cheque urgently (didnt have my cheque book on me), went into branch and they said it would cost me £13 for the admin fee, tried to haggle em like you do, but were adamant that they have to charge!

Stupid things like that really.

Abby have been known in the past to have poor customer service. Try Alliance and Leicester they offer good rates (6.5%AER) and if you open an account through Quidco you will get £50 which is more than you will earn in interest all year on the small sums you have in your account.
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