Abercrombie and fitch

    Anyone know of/recommend any sites for buying abercrombie and fitch clothing???


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    likely eBay has a lot but be careful of fakes,even tho its not so pricey there likely 2 be fakes on there.


    The store in london?

    ebay is riddled with fakes, avoid!

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    Thanks guys for your suggestions. I am trying to avoid ebay, but struggling to find places that sell A&F clothes!

    cheers for link to sillysports - will have a look later!

    1. London (Flagship)

    7 Burlington Gardens
    London, UK W1S 3ES
    0844 412 5750

    thats where their store is in London.

    If you buy online from them,the prices are also shown in £ and the shipping rates are quite good,but expect to pay customs fees. As a rough idea,about a yr ago I had some shoes worth £40 come from eBay U.S,Royal Mail charged me £10,about £3 of that was a fee for them to handle the payment ( yeh robbers ) so if you did order you likely to pay about 25% off the cost in customs fees.By the time you done all that you might aswell head to the London store,get National Express buses out to London on Funfares for £1 upwards from most places,not sure where you are.

    buy a ticket to new york or LA, and go to the factory store

    Few things left in this [COLOR="RED"]closing down [/COLOR]sale. Used lots of times. Very fast next day delivery, great quality genuine items. I've bought most of the real bargains:) but there's some nice T's left and i would definately recommend the hollister and osgood shorts.

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    Anyone still looking for abercrombie clothing please let me know as i can let you know few places offering authentic abercrombie and fitch items, some single orders and some do wholesale orders only.

    very overated and overpriced clothing, people buy it just for the name....


    I kinda understand where your coming from berbatov but arent all the desinger makes and names overrated and overpriced the quality of abercrombie and fitch clothing and designs are very good i feel.
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