Groups reviews??

    Hi there,

    I ordered a coat from about 2 weeks ago and im starting to worry now as ive not recieved it, and they took the money out pretty much straight away.

    Anyone ever used them???

    Thanks x


    Never used them but looking at the website i'd say they're most likely a chinese website selling snides.


    Domain Name : abercrombieofficial.comPunnyCode : … Domain Name : abercrombieofficial.comPunnyCode : abercrombieofficial.comCreation Date : 2009-12-08 09:17:27Updated Date : 2009-12-08 09:17:27Expiration Date : 2010-12-08 09:17:25Registrant: Organization : wu xiaoxiong Name : Marie Weisser Address : Altburgerstraße 15 75365 Calw City : Calw Province/State : Calw Country : cn Postal Code : 265423

    The Website was created in December, it appears to be hosted in the Germany & based in China & not an official abercrombie website ? There also appears to be no contact telephone number or address on their website. The other retailer links at the foot of their website go to Chinese Ugg Boot retailers. Perhaps follow this further with your bank / credit card ?

    You will probably get your item. Bit it will be posted from china, so will probably take more than two weeks.

    But as already stated, it will be some cheaply made copy.

    Quick edit

    Why are you buying them from there anyway, when you can just buy a original for the same price?

    Original Poster

    Damn lol, do u reckon its worth cancelling? Or will they just cancel the selling and not refund me?

    Doh, why did I not check here first?!?! N00b!! lol x

    Also seems to have:


    under the same wing.

    Prices don't seem that cheap considering they are most likely all fakes.

    Original Poster

    Cause I didnt realise it wasnt original for some reason I thought it was like an English company. Plus they did free postage and I couldnt find the coat on the website any more cause America must be sunnier these days then england! lol (Although I ordered it when it was snowing.)

    Like I said though, N00b!!! lol!

    How did you pay?
    Depending on how you paid you could be covered.

    abercrombie, UGGS, and Ed Hardy all from a Chinese reg'd site...says it all Fake.

    You Should be able to tell if its fake or not when they come , shame you didnt ask about site before you brought stuff , i spent over a grand just on this brand when i was last in the US its not a cheap brand and i still think now i was mad spending that much on just on casual wearing items....was on a nut job spend up at the time lol

    Also note that i wouldnt panic over the 2 week wait just yet ive had stuff take 4 weeks before. ask for a tracking number ,they should provide one

    The ONLY place you can get legit A&F from is the official website

    Everything else = fake/scam.

    I bought all my A&F in New York, spent an absolute fortune, but it's awesome, awesome stuff.

    Original Poster

    Hi All!

    It came yesterday! And although it might be a fake, it looks really realistic and doesnt feel cheap and nasty at all!! Im really pleased So didnt do too bad, although they worried me a little lol.

    Only time will tell if it just falls apart though or turns multicoloured in the rain lol!

    It's definately a fake site for two reasons:
    1. It says T-shirts are originally £103 which is ridiculously untrue.
    2. It's the same style as all those fake ghd websites that are about.

    Has any one else ordered from this website and good there delivery

    On the website it said 1 week for delivery but its been more then a week,can you tell me how long did it take for your delivery??

    Is there any way i can track my order??

    Any other information regarding it would be really helpfull

    i like ur attitude everyone says its fake u go and give them money.

    ps. want to buy some magic beans?

    Hi all i'm another sucker who has given his good earned money to this website about 3 weeks ago today without researching first which i normaly do.

    i've been worried for some time now and i was wondering is there anyone else who bought from this website and recived their item and is 3 weeks to long to wait since it's coming from USA or CHINA like it someone stated on here???

    hi i orderd a few shirts from site. they are cheats, they dont really exist. Its been more than 60 days since i have paid them . so far i have not received any kind of reply from them. please help me to get my money back.

    exactly, i recieved an item, it went back to them and they havent given me my money back

    hi i have ordered 3 styes 3 weeks ago no goods recived no info but money was charged from my card immy

    if you hv an info pls contact me *****

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    Hi sorcha_a!

    I have just recently bought an item from believing it was just a warehouse website. I have not yet recieved an order confirmation but my money has gone out the bank, i was wondering whether you ever got your products?

    hope you can help!
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