Abit advice on Car Insurence

    I've seen a car I want to buy but don't tend to be insured on it as yet. Would my Mam whos fully comp be able to drive it home for me? Thanks


    Some fully comp policies allow you to drive other vehicles (third party only) at the owners discretion. I would advice you to check her policy.

    Otherwise, go to somewhere like and just get the car insured for one day.

    Usually, your own insurance would only cover you to buy a car which doesnt belong/been hired to you, with the permission of the owner.
    I have always made the assumption, though, that the car should also be insured in it's own right.

    If the car is going in your own name, then maybe it would be okay? Would be best to ask the insurance company

    There are a number of insurance companies that do short term insurance - I think 1 day is about £20. Google 'day insurance' or 'temporary insurance'


    Some policies allow the policy holder to drive other cars but that car must also be insured in someone else's name.

    I'm 90% sure, you should double check on google.

    The car you are buying has to have insurance on it.
    Then your friend can drive it third party if his ins covers that.
    Easy way round this is an rac hpi check £19.99 get check then get quote from them well
    its aviva and they will give a weeks fully comp driveway ins even if you dont take out ins policy with them.
    Will prob doing this tom myself.

    I doubt it.

    I bought a car a month or two ago. I paid for 24hr insurance to drive it home. It cost about £18 I got it from Aviva they were the cheapest. You can also add breakdown cover for the duration for about £2 which is quite good considering you probably wont know the car that well.

    All the best!

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    Thanks everyone
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