abit of advise please, how much do you think this bundle is worth?

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Found 16th Jan 2009
i might be selling my wii and just wanted to know roughly how much it's worth,

wii console
4 x wii motes
2 x nunchucks
charger stand for 2 wii motes
1 tennis bat
2x wii wheel
2x game ware wheel
wii fit with board (still boxed and only use for about 2hs)

mario and sonic olympic games
big beach sports
big brain academy
animal crossing with wii speak (wii speak never used still in wrapper)
super smash bros
my sim's
carnival games
smackdown v raw 08
wii play
wii sports.
just a rough price please as still not sure if im selling yet, i have to speak to my boys but at the moment it's just sat there not being used.

thanx xx

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Around the £300 -£350 mark

Saw one similar go on ebay just now for £210 not inc. delivery but you have better games and more controllers. So on a good day 250.00, maybe more.


£250 - £300

about £300 to £350.would make sense too sell the console with a couple of wi motes and nunchucks and couple of wheels with mario kart. then sell the rest seperately.i would be tempted to go into cex and ask them what they would offer so it gives you an idea of the minimum you should sell it for item by item

I think you will make a LOT more splitting and selling on ebay. Sure it's a pain but some of your games go for quite a bit.

Original Poster

thanx for your reply's will prob split if im gonna sell :thumbsup:


jackie you know this isnt the fs boards, and this isnt allowed


this thread will keep getting spammed and cleaned up, if people persist in trying to buy in misc, you can show your interest when they post in the fs board, the op has asked for help on a price, nothing more

hi if you are interested in selling your wii package please let me know how much you want for it thanks xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

200 to 250
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