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If i trade something in at game can i just get the money that they offer or only credit? i have Pokemon diamond and Lego Star wars complete trilogy both on ds?


game only do credit gamestation do cash but its like 10% off what the credit value is

You can take the cash but it will be less because they're not making a profit on trading a game. If you can wait you'll get a better price on eBay - or even here!

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[email protected];1807930

Sorry - thought you meant gamestation!

y do u work in gamestation?

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This might … This might help:http://www.game.co.uk/lowdown.aspx?lid=7808&cm_sp=consoles-_-topnav-_-tradein

ive looked at that and it doesn't tell me how much i could get in cash because i don't want any thing from game

well apologies if doesnt tell you what you wanted, just trying to help.
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