About Iphone PAYG SIM with free WIFI and Web access?

    I found that there are loads of Iphone PAYG SIM available on Flebay.

    The seller claimed that you can get free 12 months unlimited WIFI and web access by using this SIM.

    Is it true? Any one tried it?

    By the way, what is the definition of unlimited in O2?


    Loads of people have them,you get them when purchasing an iphone but most choose to sell them on ebay. (Also the reason you cant buy them separately in stores)

    You get 12 months web and wifi which is 500mb fair usage a month.

    You normally get £10 credit on them aswell, mine did anyway :thumbsup:


    I would like to know if you can put these cards into your phone and then connect your phone to a laptop and access the internet on the laptop from anywhere.
    This may seem like a stupid question to some people but I have no idea about these things.
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