- About Single M2 Expansion Card Placement -

Posted 13th Mar 2023
The two that I have, one without Back Plate, M2 Connector is on top of the Card. *
The other with Back Plate, M2 Connector is underneath the Card (Like all Cards with Components)

* PCIe x1 Slot if used will not leave much room for a Heatsink for a M2 Card in PCIe x4 Slot
(x1 and x4 can be too close together)

x1 Slot can be used to add more SATA Ports (2 - 20)

M2 Expansion Card did not work with a Gigabyte X58A Motherboard (PCIe 2.0, Intel i7-920)
BIOS did not detect Drive. PC Boots from a 1TB MX500 (£200)
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  1. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Just to clarify, which motherboard are you trying to connect this to the gigabate x58a?

    Which model exactly is it revision 1.0 ga-x58a-Oc, revision 2.0 ga-x57a-ud3r or revision 2.0 ga-x58a-ud7 or via a PCIe m2 expansion card or something else?
    Gort1951's avatar
    I am not trying to do anything just making aware that the M2 Port can be on top or underneath of the M2 Expansion Card.

    Both M2 Cards are ok on my Gigabyte X570 Master. MB can now have 5 x M2 by using x4 and x8 Slots.

    The M2 Cards did not work on my Gigabyte GA-X58A UD3R rev. 1.0.
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