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    I think tbh you will find it hard to get sizable discounts on laptops at the places you mentioned; most discounts only apply to peripherals or only reduce prices to a level similar to those found elsewhere. Do you know which laptop you want? Or do you know what specs you want (OS, CPU, screen size, graphics etc)?

    It sounds obvious but tried Dell? If you tweak around you can usually get a good deal

    Go here:


    Take the Support down to minimum and you've got all that spec, and more, for £327.

    Also if you go through Quidco, you can get £14 cashback - £313.


    Forgot to add wireless capabalities to that list.Are the Dell laptops any … Forgot to add wireless capabalities to that list.Are the Dell laptops any good? Have to be honest and say I don't know anything about laptops but I want something that will be capable of running the Internet, a media player and MSN and maybe Photoshop all at the same time (and the occasional game of Football Manager) without it slowing down?

    I'm posting this from the same laptop that I've just recommended to you. It's awesome! It runs FM fine for me as well, and it's got built-in Wi-Fi.


    Just got the price down tio £279 by selecting "Collect & Return, 90 Day … Just got the price down tio £279 by selecting "Collect & Return, 90 Day Service only [Included in Price]" in the Hardware Support section? What do I lose out on by choosing that option? Sorry if I'm being really thick :oops:!

    No worries

    This section of Dell is the Small Business Site, so that price is before VAT (as some businesses won't have to pay VAT or will be able to claim it back etc.).

    So the price will show as £279, but once VAT is added on (17.5%) that will take the price to £327. When at the Checkout stage, just enter your own name as the Business Name, that's what I and loads of others did as well.

    Are you going through Quidco?

    just be careful with buying through business site, as you don't get the full consumer protection that you do from dell home sales. for example, you have a 90 day warranty, and nothing more. from dell home sales, you get a 1yr warranty minimum.

    Its worth thinking about how you plan to use the laptop before you rush in, here are a few pointers that might help you:

    Think carefully here. You can get a Celeron or Sempron very cheap, but they are pretty slow and enefficient - if you want to use the laptop off battery power your best bet is to spend the extra on Core 2 or Core. Dual core processors are also much more responsive when you are doing more than one thing at once. I'd recommend you look out for cheap Intel T2060 laptops (a reduced-cache Core Duo) as they are relatively cheap and still offer the benefits of dual core (the Turion X2's also offer vgvfm).

    Screen size:
    15.4" is standard, widescreen is pretty much the norm now. The 14" laptops are generally a pound lighter and a little better if you plan to carry it around, but you pay a small premium.

    Think carefully here - most laptops come with Vista now, especially the Dells. Vista Home Premium is worth having if you want to connect it to a HD-TV etc or watch movies, Vista Business is better than basic in that it gives you the fancy Aero interface and extra tools, but it sounds like you just want a basic OS. You may be better with XP, and many vendors are clearing out stocks of XP machines...

    You'll generally find Dell the cheapest provided you use the special offers, though watch out for things like the reduced warranties and low-capacity batteries (I'd recommend at least the 6cell regardless of how you intend to use the laptop). Acer are generally the next cheapest, but keep an eye out for cheap Toshibas and Fujitsu-Siemens amongst others.

    What's the difference when buying products from dell's small business site compared to the "home" site? Is it cheaper, are there any disadvantages?

    Also how would you go about buying from there if you don't have a business, is there some business code you have to provide?

    Btw, hello hotukdeals

    My work laptop is a Dell and I hate it, mainly for the touchpad and general poorly thought out design. For personal use I'm on my second Acer (the first was lifted) and I wouldn't recommend anything else

    I would reccomend [url][/url] I've got my Acer Aspire from them, and would reccomend them any day.
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