About to Change Energy Supplier please Advise.

Found 29th Jan 2008
Hi, Every one, I am currently with edf energy and am using economy 7 prepayment meter, I want to change over to another supplier, and please note that I use electricty for my heating and cooking, but i will have a gas meter installed and I ll do my cooking in thefuture with gas but the heating will still be electrity. I currently spend about,70-80 (£) per month on all my usage.cooking + heating + lightening.

Please kindly advise. Live in the south east.

NB- I ll wouldnt mind going back to direct debit payment if it will be significantly cheaper. cheers
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Remember to check quidco, i think they give a lot of cashback when you switch.
It's normally always cheaper to pay by direct debit. It's also quite often cheaper to opt for an online account where you provide your own readings.

Now's not the best time to switch though as not all the energy companies have put up their prices yet, and you could easily move to find the price goes up shortly after.

I would leave around a month and then try the comparison sites like uswitch, etc.

Don't use them to switch though as Quidco will get you around £50 in cashback for switching via them.
As Steve said - apparently now is NOT the time to switch unless you have never switched before. Martins money tips (moneysavingexpert.com) has details about how and when to switch - he's also on radio 2 one lunchtime a week and he does shows with the Wright stuff and Lorraine Kelly. There's also It pays to watch - his show. Would be worth checking there before you do anything IMO! sorry if the english is lacking a bit - earache and tiredness are taking over!
Thanks guys for the headup. will definately wait for the changes in prices.

As the OP stated they have a pre-pay meter, which means they're not … As the OP stated they have a pre-pay meter, which means they're not entitled to direct debit payments.

There are advantages and disadvantages to a pre-payment meter, in that initially PP meters are usually the last to feel any price rise(s) as the meter's have to be re-programmed at source, disadvatage being that once it is re-programmed you'll pay significantly over the odds compared to paying by DD.
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