Absolute cheapest Data Sim-Only contract - £2.50/month or less??

Posted 2nd Oct 2020
I'm looking for the absolute cheapest Sim Only phone contract that comes with some data.

Use case - using for a custom vehicle tracking device that needs some data, but not a lot. I'm currently using a Three PAYG SIM - which works well, but I'd like 2G for some remote signal. Reason for using Three is they have no expiry on their topups and I'm using so little data I need it to last. Other PAYG option would be 1p Mobile, but they require a topup every 120 days, making it cost £30/year. Not a lot, but I'm currently spending around £10-£15/year on PAYG data with Three.

Might sound like I'm being tight, but this is HUKD after all!

If I could find a contract that offered 2G/3G/4G for less than £2.50/month that would beat the 1p Mobile PAYG option. Does anything like this exist?
It would need to have the equivalent of more data than 1p/MB. So if it was £2 it would need at least 200MB to be equal or better value.

It being a contract means I don't have to remember to topup, so there's a plus there.


Edit - the best solution was RWG Mobile and their free SIM offering 250MB/month with no topup. Can't get better than free! Been running it for around 6 weeks without issue.
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