Found 18th Aug 2008
When does asertiveness become abuse when challanging the behaviour of a member of staff. eg getting a refund for an item when a receipt is produced for an item ordered from the website on approval.

This woman made it very obvious that she was phoning head office for authorisation because she thought we looked dodgy.

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do you look dodgy??

Was it Tesco? they sometimes do that with refunds for Tesco Direct stuff....

i wouldnt worry too much about that. one of my first beauty vouchers i sent to a friend to pick up for me since i was seeing her at the weekend, and she was near that shop.

my friend told me she tried to, but was escorted off the premises. i was livid, so hunted down the HQ (they didnt even have a UK website!) and emailed customer service saying they should not release a voucher if the counter staff didnt know about the promotion! got an email back, apologising and offering to post the voucher to me and a branch contact person.

turns out ... my friend had played a trick on me! she was frowned on when she brought in the voucher, but the escort story was well concocted - argh! she thought it was hilarious i actually complained, now she knows better ...

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I got escorted out of M and S

really?? m&s i didnt think they bothered!

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I lost my temper big time, but the customer next to me did suggest that she really did nothing to defuse the situation, in fact she was enjoying watch me getting angrier and angrier. I am a little concerned about any follow up from the police.

so what was the actual problem that the staff had to call HQ?

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I ordered a suit from the website $399 and it was awful when delivered; it was one of three we have had to return because my mate won't wear them. I wonder if she thought she was , and I did call her Miss MArple as she thought she had cracked a suit laundering scheme. No calls were made with regard to other customers who were getting refunds. My behaviour was heated, verbally abusivr and assertiveness.

well laundry is a good pun haha, bet she sleeps well at night with horlicks ... i wouldnt worry too much if there wasnt any crime committed. besides if it was within the time limit, it is well in your customer rights to return it if not broken.

I got escorted from john lewis for playing with the toys. Apparently only kids are allowed to wizz up the isles on the electric cars.

caught on camera then? titchimp

u lot are nutters!

lol im making a thread

"Can I help you?" - "Yes - go away - you are interrupting my looking at … "Can I help you?" - "Yes - go away - you are interrupting my looking at the merchandise"

"Ah - so there you are - i snapped my fingers three or four times - and … "Ah - so there you are - i snapped my fingers three or four times - and it was not until I shouted at the top of my voice that a counterjumper paid any attention"

Shop staff and waiters - the minimum wagers of this world - frequently see their employment as a badge of authority. :-D :-D :-D :-D
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