AC mains charger for Navman iCN 310 GPS wanted!

    Hello all,

    I bought a NAVMAN iCN 310 GPS navigator today, which came with a in-car charger. This navigator has built in rechargeable battery and hence, I need a AC mains charger. Any suggestions please? The power rating on the in-car charger reads "Output: 5.0V 1.2A



    Here you go.

    You can pick up from maplin's a PSU (code N93AA) for £9.99.…=15

    Just make sure you get the polarity the right way round and you set the voltage at 5V!!

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    The Output current is 2100mA on the Maplin's PSU. But my requirement is 1.2A; does it matter?

    2100mA is actually 2.1Amps...

    It won't matter, it only draws what it needs so if the PSU output is equal or higher then it should work.

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    Many thanks mate! :thumbsup:
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