AC Ryan Playon!HD Mini

Found 14th Apr 2010
Just ordered one of these, and wondered if anyone here has one of these. Had a quick look around HUKD, but didn't find much. Hope to get any other Playon!HD owners together and have a chat.

Looking forward to trying out YAMJ on it, too!
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OK, got it all plugged in, and YAMJ looks.. interesting. Not very useful right now (have to do most of the scrapping on a PC, and then transfer a html file to your movie location. Then, you have to load that html file each time you want to use YAMJ - not as user-friendly as I would like, but this is a beta, so hopeful it will look better)

Just having trouble connecting to my NAS, so that is the next step...
checkout avforums, theres seems to be a fair number of people who have the same model, so you shouldnt have problems finding answers to your questions.…tml
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