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Found 8th Jan
Hi guys,

Just starting my journey to become a Chartered Accountant.

I managed to get a degree at University which got me 8 exemptions, minus the F8 (Auditing) paper which I got compensated so will do that in March.

Does anyone have any tips on how to do well in these exams? I really disliked Auditing at University as it was quite hard to understand.

Any advice towards the F8 or ACCA as whole wpuld be greatly appreciated.

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For me chartered accountancy exams were about volume of information and being tactical at exam questions:

- methodically work your way through material - there really is no substitute for every day work. You cannot cram this stuff at the last minute or all in a few days. Little and often especially if you are working full time and then given study leave. Do all of the example questions that you can.

- if you are in a training post, ask for work experience on projects that compliment what modules you are doing - again, practical experience of how auditing etc works helps you to understand.

- look at past papers and do them to time. As many as you can and read the marking strategy thoroughly afterwards. Often you get questions cycle so they come up in a similar form a number of years later.

- think through your exam technique as examiners use early hard questions to separate good candidates from weak ones - the weak ones will get caught on an early hard question and spend too much time and mess up the rest. A good candidate will recognise its not worth the time for the marks payoff and move on to easier parts they can do (coming back to try that question at the end). Many of the papers don’t give enough time to do all the questions so why would you not pick off all the ones you can do first and get the easy marks in the bag.
Exam technique and past papers
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