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Posted 17th Nov
Unfortunately my daughters school used accelerated Reader to assess students reading process and only books she has completed quizzes for are counted towards her tally. She's such a keen reader and I love to support her with new books but there are no quizzes on the accelerated reader site yet for her to complete so most of her reading (from her schools point) of view hasn't happened becaise she can't complete a quiz and they won't accept a written book review.

I have begged the people behind accelerated readers to come up with some quizzes but they say they will only do so if they have recieved a minimum of 10 requests for a book (I have tried to request the books daily but was then told they filter duplicate requests out)

I know this is a huge ask but if someone has a few
spare minutes would you please request some of the books on the following list on this website. We would really really appreciate any help!

This is the website…-UK

And this is the list of 8 books my daughter has read in the last 2 weeks that aren't on there yet.
Name Cressida Cowell
Title Knock Three Times
ISBN 9781444941456

Name Emma Carroll
Title Somerset Tsunami
ISBN 9780571332816

Name Lorraine Gregory
Title The maker of Monsters
ISBN 9780192768834

Name Alice Hemming
Title Midnight Unicorn
ISBN 9781407199528

Name Julie Pike
Title The last spell breather
ISBN 9780192771605

Name Helena Duggan
Title Battle for Perfect
ISBN 9781528882422

Name Anna James
Title Tilly and the lost Fairy tales
ISBN 9780008229924

Name Amy Wilson
Title Shadows of Winterspell
ISBN 9781760789190

Thank you so much again to everyone who decided to help and of there are any other books anyone wants to request that aren't on the website please let me know and I will request them too
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I will work through putting them books in I hope they do add them after 10!
Dannyrobbo17/11/2019 22:02

I will work through putting them books in I hope they do add them after 10!

Thank you. I hope so too!
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