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Found 26th Nov 2017
Hi all... big apologies if I offend asking but I am pretty desperate.
I am currently do a access to higher education health course online with learn direct. I wanted to do it locally at college but my employer bus refused to give me same day off each week. I work for nhs.
Any way I have managed to get to unit 7 and I am struggling with a academic report on the models off health. I am just blagged. I really am. Support is limited and scarce. Has any one else completed this course and could help me.
Kind regards x
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Just posting this for moral support. My wife left school with 3 gcse's excluding maths. Started Access course in 1990, went on to BSc at a decent uni, brought up two kids while working when she could, is now a lecturer at a fairly good Uni earning decent money and loving her job.
You can do it.
Wow Airbus that's pretty cool
Have you thought about posting your question on the forum The Student Room? Access courses are covered in the Mature Student threads.…185
I have but no help tbh
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