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Found 14th May
Just wanted to know if it's possible to get access to Car Insurance Database to check what information is held

Reason is I trying to get a claim submitted without third party involvement . I.e my fault only. Once I had completed the interview with my insurance company it was submitted to the Commercial Legal who are the claim handlers for the Insurance company.

Apparently they have check the " CUE Database " which shows I have been involved in previous accident(s) which they have not been made aware of.

As you can imagine this is news to me. As I can recalled my last claim was far back as Dec 2007- Jan 2008.and that was settle by the third party Insurance. This information was given to my current Insurer at the initial application for Motor insurance approximately 6 years ago.

Isn't there a time limit when you don't need to inform the Insurer when making an application?

Hence the request! !!
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You can do anything now a days cost you though…ss/
IF the accident is over the past 5 years why would they need to know?
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