Accessing D: drive to use as a hard drive

    My daughter's laptop is low on memory due to music and other files. Her C: drive is nearly completely full, and I've noticed the D: drive is nearly empty. Is there a way to format it so we can use the latter as a normal hard drive?
    Any help or links would be greatly appeciated


    Easier just to move pictures/videos/music and space consuming files to D drive, Copy/Paste and then delete once its copied over or Cut/Paste and just be careful. This will speed up the laptop.
    Also change the paths to where files are stored in the future

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    Thanks simplex. How do I change the paths to where files are saved? I tried saving a word doc as a test to D drive and my pc told me I didn't have permission to access any of the files?

    Is there option to run as administrator, or open as admin...

    There are a few ways, but be careful. right click on any containing folder i.e pictures/music/docs and click on properties then i think it is in locations you can change
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    you cant save files to d drive thats likely to be your cd/dvd drive!!!


    you cant save files to d drive thats likely to be your cd/dvd drive!!!

    Glad I wasn't the only one thinking this!!!!!!!





    tbh you would be better trying to remove temp files and temp internet files first might free up some space use disc cleaner under accessories system tools

    I dont know why ive assumed OP had a notepad, maybe because i have and have also a partition. but lol OP can you clarify you are not infact looking at your optical drive?

    My D:/ shows no space available, so don't imagine if it's the CD/DVD drive it would show up as being 'nearly empty'. More like 'completely full'.

    Could be a half empty dvd disc lol. But lets wait for OP. But im assuming he knows the basics (_;)

    D drive could be a recovery partition.


    D drive could be a recovery partition.

    Possibly, and id like to see him try hes magic on that

    My D drive is a data drive.
    I simply resized it so that the C driver was shrank, and the D made bigger.

    I used EASEUS partition manager.

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    Thanks everyone, managed to solve it
    gog5y, D: drive is listed as a hard drive not a removeable disk on my laptop, so I could save all my music files amongst others onto the D:
    Cleared about 17GB from my C: drive onto the D:

    apologies just had a look on lappy and mine is the same :-( was looking at pc when i posted above glad you got it sorted :-)
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