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Posted 12th Mar 2023
What are people thoughts on this ?

In my work I’m in charge of safety walks ect and we load HGVs , drivers have to wait in designated areas while there unloaded ect

Now here’s my issue , at my daughters gymnastics gym next door is a manufacturing place , when all the kids are coming in and out the company uses the road outside as there loading area!

They out cones out to block the street which I know they can’t do , they take up the pavement and block one side of the road with the HGV using the other to load with a FLT which is illegal as FLT used on roads must have Reg plates ect and this does not .

Think it’s located on a industrial estate so possibly private ? Should they be carrying on like this ? I’m tempted to report them as I can see someone getting hurt one day
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  1. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Private or not, you cannot use an unregistered flt on a road....
    Deffo a case for the HSE !
  2. Easy.Action.Baby's avatar
    Agree with John184 & I would delete the posts which give away your ID, then report them anon.
  3. tardytortoise's avatar
    Yes - speak out and report them.
  4. mas99's avatar
    also pics and report hgvs to traffic comissioners.
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    The hgv drivers aren't doing anything wrong it's the flt drivers that are
  5. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    If your nebosh certified and know this is dangerous and wrong, report them to the relevant authority. Regardless if the land is private or not. If they are in breach of health and safety rules they are at fault and liable. Especially if their at risk of harming a child.
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