Accidental Damage Cover for Laptop - Where Should I Look?

Found 7th Jan 2008
I purchased a new laptop about a month ago, and as I'm going back to university shortly and will be taking it out to lectures on my bicycle I was wanting to get reliable insurance for it, covering it for accidental damage as well as the usual theft. I've had a look at a few websites, but I haven't bought any insurance yet as I thought some of you guys might have a better idea than me of what is out there, and which insurers provide the best service.

I only need 1 years' cover, but as I am graduating in the summer, I would prefer the insurer not to be a 'student' insurance company. Also, I don't want to purchase a cover plan for contents - just for my laptop.

Hopefully someone will be able to give me a shove in the right direction. Many thanks.
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it would be covered under your standard contents insurance as long as you had ad cover .if you are only temporally moving whilst at uni and you will be going back to the property i.e parents then you are still covered as classed as temporally away from the home.
Checked the household insurance policy, and as I suspected we don't have accidental damage cover at all, or cover for any portable items. Any idea where I could get a stand-alone insurance policy?
I'm looking for an accidental cover plan on my laptop also.
CompuCover from Domestic & General insurance company offer such a service. You can purchase directly from D+G or from websites like [url],.uk[/url] but several other insurers also offer similar cover which is NOT cheap....worth looking at "accidental cover for laptops" via Google for hints...
Second Domestic & General. Never had a problem with them when claiming in the past for accident damage (TV, Laptop, Camcorder etc)
Yes its cheaper, but if you claim for something as expensive as a laptop you premiums are pretty much guaranteed to rise.
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