Accidentally shut down external HDD

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Found 4th Jan 2010
Well it wasn't me.

But someone accidentally switched off my HDD before it was unmounted. Now, I do not believe it was being used at the time - unless it was something that I was not aware of. But it all seems to be working fine now, I used the disk checking tools built in to windows and it is not throwing up any errors. Should this mean that I got lucky this time? What I am worried about is files being corrupted, but would it be more likely that everything is corrupt or just single files? I have played some audio tracks and they work fine but there are way too many files for me to check them all individually.

Any advice would be great, thanks.


Also, once I use the Safe Eject option from the tray notification area, is it safe to switch off at the wall?

To anyone that uses external harddrives for Wii backups, is it safe to disconnect the drive from the Wii once you are back at the main system menu, or can you actually unmount it properly?


It should be fine.

Safe eject is there to ensure that there are no files being used or in transfer to the device.

However it is highly unlikely that if any files were in use they would become corrupted from one unplug, (though no it isn't really good practice to do it constantly).

i think by default hdd's are set for quick removal rather than safe eject meaning you could pull the plug without safe ejecting it.

yes you can unplug it after safe ejecting it and i dont think there is a option to unmount the hdd from the wii.

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Thanks for the help guys, rep given.
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