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Found 15th Aug 2008
Well i'm in a bit of trouble, my gf decided when she moves to Leicester to go to uni she wants me to move in with her (yay!) However, we only have 2 weeks to find suitable accomidation and there are a few problems...

- Needs to be close to the uni
- Needs to be either on the ground floor/first floor or have a lift as I use a walking stick and have trouble with stairs
- Needs to be on a "student" budget or a little more expensive as I will have to look for a job as soon as I get there (and I can only do sitting down jobs due to my leg)

We are both 19 years old and I am really looking forward to living with my girlfriend and there won't be another opportunity to do so for a year or two unless I can sort this out very quickly!

What is the best way to go about finding accomidation suitable? is google my friend?

halp! :'(
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maybe look on the uni wesite and also google to see landlrds in the area...and start ringing around

oh and dont accept anywhere until you have seen it
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I called the "Leicester Uni Private Sector Accommodation Service" and a nice lady recommended so i'm gonna give that a shot
:thumbsup:im currently a student in leicester n i live in the centre. Its only like a 15-20 min walk a day + no taxes home after a night out! i live in york place its private accomadation so its a little but more (we pay £400pcm) but its worth it! u should check out butlin property website and have a look..theres even a lift!
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I was looking to get a place just for my gf and I rather than shared between a few people, what do you think is a ok price to pay? £45 a week per person?
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