Accumulate 700 Rakuten points using 2 weeks' Wuntu codes

Found 25th Jul
Just in case it's not well known, you can actually accumulate 700 points (enough for a HD rental or even some HD purchases, such as Ready Player One at the moment) by adding 2 consecutive weeks' worth of Rakuten points to the same account.

Each Wuntu code lasts for 7 days, so you can't add more than one Wuntu code to your account in the same week, HOWEVER the points only expire 48 hours after being added to your account.

So you need to wait until the last day of the 1st week (i.e. Tuesday) to add the first code and get 350 points, and then when the next Rakuten offer in the 2nd week begins (i.e. Wednesday) you add the new code to get another 350 points, giving you 700 in total:)

I have done this and confirm it works.
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didn't think that would work but i'll give it a try (just added some points last night)

edit: just done it and worked fine
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I like it
I figured this out yesterday, it does work for sure
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